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CT Operator/Technician- NYPA

Job Description

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 Job Title: CT Operator/Technician- NYPA
 Company Name: NAES Corporation
 Employment Type: Full Time
 Location: ASTORIA, NY, United States
 Department: NYPA Small Clean Power Plants
 Salary: Highly Competitive
 Shift Hours/ Days: 12/4
 Hours/Pay Period: 40
 Degree Required: High School/GED
 Job ID: 2012.01597
 Date Posted: Nov 27, 2012
 Years Experience: 3
 Service Category: Operations & Maintenance
 Location: Astoria NY
 Plant Configuration: Simple Cycle
 Note:  Please read the complete description below before applying for this job.
  Complete Description

NAES Corporation is the energy industry's largest independent, third-party provider of operations and maintenance services, and also serves the industry with specialized support services, gas and steam turbine inspections, mechanical shop repairs, electrical and mechanical construction and maintenance, and the placement of technical personnel. NAES is a full service provider offering a complete array of services dedicated to making facilities run more safely, reliably and cost-effectively.

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) Project consists of ten small Clean Power Plants (SCPP) located in 6 different sites throughout New York City. They are centrally controlled from a control room in Astoria, NY. The 6 sites operate 10 General Electric LM6000 combustion turbines operating in simple cycle mode. Total capacity from these plants is approximately 450 megawatts.


The Operator/Technician is responsible for proper, safe and efficient start up, operation, shutdown and maintenance of one or more of six plant sites consisting of ten (10) GE LM6000 combustion turbines, and all associated support equipment depending on assignment. The Operator/Technician adheres to all safety and environmental rules and regulations to protect employees, the public, and frequently communicates with the assigned Remote Control Operator for personal and personnel safety and other management as required.

Maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs mechanical and de-energized electrical equipment. This equipment includes, but is not limited to the Gas Turbine and auxiliary components, gas compressors, motors, pumps, and other auxiliary equipment. The Operator/Technician works under the direction of the assigned Remote Control Operator, Operations Manager, and Area Manager as required.


The Operator/Technician when on a plant site may be required to start-up, operate and shutdown combustion turbine(s) and auxiliary equipment when required. In addition, he or she reads meters, gauges, or monitors automatic devices to record data such as equipment operating temperatures, vibration, operating hours, pressure, and fluid levels to verify operating conditions.

Observes, records and evaluates data, maintains and reviews operational and maintenance reporting logs and keeps management fully informed of unusual conditions, damaged equipment while on shift. During maintenance and overhaul periods, he or she may be required to report progress of work as it relates when not on an assigned shift and working maintenance.

Visually inspects and listens to equipment at periodic intervals to detect malfunctions or need for repair, adjustment or lubrication. Reads blueprints and uses facility operating procedures and equipment technical manuals to maintain and repair facility equipment and ensure equipment is operated within operating range. Fully supports the use of a computerized Maintenance Management System by displaying a proficiency in using the system and dedication to the facility maintenance philosophy.

Maintains equipment by tightening fittings, replacing valve packing, gaskets, valves, and gauges. Cleaning, replacing, oiling and lubricating other component parts and equipment as required. Overhaul & repair of plant equipment such as combustion turbines and generators, pumps, fans, water treatment systems etc. as required. Records maintenance actions taken on Work Order forms.

Opens and closes valves as required for proper system operation and mechanical isolation. Opens and closes circuit breakers as required for proper system operation and electrical isolation.

Reads, understands and complies with all regulatory procedures and facility safety.
Takes on specific tasks/responsibilities assigned in these areas.

Performs duties related to handling hazardous materials and wastes, and spill prevention and control, as directed by Facility Management and in accordance with applicable regulations. Initial orientation and annual classroom training are provided, together with on-the-job-training, to demonstrate understanding of essential information for regulatory compliance and documentation.

Prepares, collects and reviews plant data/records in support of environmental requirements. Participates in plant emergency response, waste minimization, and pollution prevention programs. Performs sampling and obtains necessary data to support environmental sampling requirements and reports as required.

Work shift hours, overtime, or irregular hours as needed to support reliable operation of the facility. Ensures adequate turnover of information between shifts, or between projects.

Initiates Purchase Order request for parts. Performs duties as outlined as a "System Expert", and for specified "Collateral Duties" including high standard of general housekeeping and safety of all areas of facility.

Keeps all training requirements current, i.e. First Aid, CPR, OSHA. Uses Web Based GPi Learn and other available training modules, seminars, and courses as available and offered by NAES Corporation.

When assigned to control room, the Operator/Technician is required to operator equipment such as combustion turbine generators and balance of plant equipment and coordinates operations and maintenance requirements with on-site Operator/Technician. All Operator/Technicians will frequently communicate with all on-site(s) personnel for safety, equipment protection and performance.

The Operator/Technician assures that the plant meets its generating requirements while operating in a safe and efficient manner within environmental regulations (federal, state and local). Reads computers controls, data acquisition systems, meters and gages or automatic recording devices at specified intervals to verify facility operating conditions and maximize facility efficiency. Records operating data and analyzes data for trends.

Uses facility operating procedures and equipment technical manuals to start, stop or modify equipment operations to ensure all equipment and systems are operated within the recommended operating range.

Fully supports the use of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) by displaying a proficiency in using the system and dedication to the facility maintenance philosophy. Issues and updates work orders as needed. Follows procedures and policies for inventory control. Issues purchase requisitions for parts and supplies, and follows up on status as needed.


The Operator/Technician reports to the Leads and Area Manager.


Ability to understand procedures and instructions specific to the area of assignment as would be acquired in four years of high school. Three years experience in maintenance and/or operations is required. Associate Degree in a technical field desirable. Must successfully complete a plant O&M Tech knowledge examination. Experience in water chemistry control, analysis of water conditions, water treatment facility operations and chemical handling requirements is required. Theoretical and practical knowledge of combustion/steam turbine operations, closed system steam generation, industrial safety, hazardous waste management and inspection

Additional Information

Weekend and/or Holiday Rotation may be required.

Rotating Shifts may be required.

 Additional Information

Rotating Shifts may be required.

It is the practice of NAES to seek employees of the highest quality and to select the individuals on the basis of merit and competence, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, military status or affiliation protected under USERRA, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by applicable local, state and federal law.

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